Comfortable Fashion

Comfortable Fashion

Who says you have to choose comfort over style? Not us!




Introducing our infamous comfort collection


Aveau has developed a strategy to design specially tailored suits for women. The collection exists of pants, jackets and tops in a various range of colors. The fabrics are soft and stretchy to ensure comfort. In these times it has become very normal to stay at home. Not only for pleasure but a lot of businesses work from home. We have noticed ourselves, that going to the home workplace does not require a lot of personal effort at the moment. Because comfort is more important than stylish for some. But it feels so good to dress up and make a bit more effort to clean yourself up. This can also reflect in your job and work. This is why we thought it would be so important to create a collection for business

wear, yet comfortable. How about switching those leggings for a pair of super soft and stretchy flared pants paired with a blazer? This will give you the feminine and confidence you deserve on a daily basis. This collection really reflects the development of our brand. We want to share this amazing collection with you, because it has our heart and soul.










You deserve to feel beautiful & comfortable



The comfort collection exists of beautiful and soft fabrics, a wide color range and an amazing shape designed for each body. The collection has a couple of amazing spring/summer colors such as baby blue, white, sand, to really emphasise the minimal touch.



The comfort collection really emphasises the female work environment. This collection is focused on keeping the feminine side alive with a hint of ruggedness. The comfort collection is Aveau’s base collection. This collection will remain the same, but seasonally they will add new colors and fabrics to the collection. Aveau finds inspiration for new collections in emerging trends, combined with personal memories where purity and simplicity play a central role.




We hope to share our wonderful collection with you





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