5 New trends that are coming

‘90s fashion has never really left the spotlight, but has casually been enjoying her silent presence. 90’s style was always considered a true art and never really turned you down. This fall we can expect this baby to rise and shine even more, putting her on the front row of trends with folks rocking the decade’s staple looks from head to toe, rather than using them as accent pieces. Pair your new favorite baguette bags with sheath dresses, tall square-toe boots and maxi-length cardigans. Or wear a cropped cardigan set over a miniskirt and sneakers with ankle socks. Layer white T-shirts over classic pants with grungy boots under silk slip dresses, pull a plaid mini on over an oversized blazer, and when in doubt just channel inner cluelessand you’ll be good to go.
Usually we go from a popping summer to a gentle fall, with basic earthy tones and usually black is are go to for all things basic. But something exciting is happening this fall, popping colors are no longer banned to their summer box but have expanded their life length into the seasonal change.
When normally we tend to swap out pretty pastels and tropical brights for shades of navy, khaki green, burgundy and other moody hues. This year vibrant shades still reign supreme, albeit with an autumnal twist. Think boosted purple and yellow tones, deep magenta, mustard yellow and other rich options. The best way to rock this trend is by mixing and matching unexpected combinations to form a look that’s both wonderfully colorful and seasonally appropriate.
We can’t forget that FW21 means seasonal fun and it is around the corner. But it seems like this year anything can go, as if everybody is tired of wearing sweats and keeping things casual, since we had nobody to dress-up for so long.  Folks are pulling out the most fun, fabulous pieces from their wardrobes, including NYE-ready sequins and other shiny metallics, and wearing them anywhere they please, from coffee dates to brunch to a quick jaunt to the grocery store. The best way to wear these statement pieces is to pair them with something casual!
Really, we can’t leave our best one for (almost) last, or can we? This child has been forgotten for some time, but who would have thought so many of us would be so desperate to get back to the normal work clothes? Before working from home, many of you probably couldn’t wait to get out of their work clothes. We would lovingly trade our day-job attire to make way for some party pieces or comfies, depending on the Friday night plans. But since we have evolved in making the best of the best, wearing a suit is not so old-school anymore as you would think. Now the appeal and allure of smart tailoring is all too strong, and trouser suits take the prime spot.
Layers, layers and more layers. As Dutchies, layers are not an unknown concept for us. We tend to layer ourselves with different clothes because the weather tends to get (and stay) very cold throughout almost all seasons. So, hallelujah to trends like these! Now we can fashionably layer ourselves with even more clothes. You have seen all the trends coming above, why not try to implement these trends into layering. For instance, popping colors, you can very well layer them with some basic tones and minimal designs to take the edge off. Even suits can be layered with basic, popping or even sequin trends! Create a fun look and play with it, you will definitely be the bell of the fall ball.
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