Easy Christmas DIY Table setting

Sometimes it can be hard to think of inspiring and creative ways to set the table for the holidays. Especially in these times it can be challenging fining the right way to present your dinner party to your (small) group of guests. Especially now we have noticed that being creative is so much fun, we hope to inspire you to do the same with these tips on easy DYI Tabel Setting ideas.
Ornament Heaven
Along with  ornaments above your dining table, illuminate your space with an arrangement of tall red candlesticks. Red for a bold Christmas statement and silver for a luxurious feel. It's an easy way to give dinner guests a warm welcome and make your dining room more welcoming. This also creates a more spacious effect, because the room is being filled from to to bottom.
Peppermint for Dinner
Your guests will feel like they're dining on candy cane lane. Pair a white table cloth with a striped table runner to nail this sweet setting. For an extra touch, bend a twig of rosemary at the top to resemble a candy cane.
Unexpected Pairings
Take your holiday dinner table to the next level by arranging each table setting with a large ornament and cinnamon sticks wrapped in the ribbon of your choice to make it extra 'christmassy'..
Perfect Table Runner
Add more visual interest to your table runner by using extra ornaments such as wooden beads to make star-shaped decorative accents, or cookies, candles etc.
Black-and-Gold Dinner Table
This elegant mix of gold cutlery with black accents creates a simple color palette that feels polished and sophisticated. Gold is a strong Christmas decoration palette make sure to integrate this into your setting. It has a luxurious feel to it and also sets the right mood.
Cranberries & candles
Mercury glass, candles, a burlap table runner, and fresh cranberries come together to make this elegant red and green tablescape. Make sure to add some red accents into your table set-up to bring back the spirit of Christmas.
Special Cutlery and Plates
Break out the fine china, or put one gilded salad plate atop an everyday set to make each place setting feel special. A runner of greenery and blooms is a low-profile floral option that's easy for guests to chat over. You can also add a decorative (gold) bigger plate beneath the normal plates to create a fancy setting.
Inviting Chairs for Guests
Mini wreaths tied to chair frames with a ribbon will make every person at the table feel like the guest of honor. It does not have to be a wreath, it can also be a bow or another decorative item. This small and easy detail makes your dinner table complete!
Personalised Place Settings
Make sure to add name cards, secure the tags to a circle of leaves welcoming each guest. Or create another fun way to present your name card, such as a Christmas Card or a fancy gold plate.
Winter Wonderland
Set a theme to Celebrate Christmas, such as the above theme could be Winter Wonderland, which fits perfect with Christmas. Or go for Black & Gold. Theme dinners are always a great way to present your hosting skills.
Repurposed Wine Bottles
Empty bottles become holiday-ready candleholders with some silvery wrapping paper and ribbons. You can create something that fits your theme and it looks very cute!
Wrapping Paper Napkin Rings
Take a bit of gift wrap and roll it around your napkins, you can add ribbon or a name to make it even more extra!
Plates Wrapped in a Bow
Here's a simple way to dress up your table. Just wrap each place setting with a length of wide, pretty ribbon. Et Voila...Beautiful table decor!
Source Goodhousekeeping