Our Journey 2020

What a year it has been! For many of you 2020 was a year filled with hope, for better days. We spent our year feeling excluded, locked up and perhaps for some alone. But it was also a year of reflection, setting new goals, looking into new perspective, but also looking back to what we might have taken for granted before. Safe to say we have all learned a lot this past year, but above all we learned to be patient and kind. Take care of each other and take others into account. For us at Aveau it was a year of planning and reflecting. What we want to achieve in the future and where the brand is going. We launched three new collections that were very successful and we are very proud of. Because we launched these new collections it gave us inspiration and clearer objectives for our future. A future, we hopefully can share with you. For the new year we are bringing focus to expanding the current collection with new fabrics and colors, following trends and your desires. We can’t wait to share these new items with you! But for now, because we love looking back, to be able to move forward we have made a board of our past campaigns to see how far we have come.
Let us know what you think and which collection was your favorite
With love Aveau


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